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Help Screen - Issues



Able - A claimant must be physically able to work at the time an unemployment claim is filed.

ABLE&AVAIL Able and Available (Extended Benefits claims only)---Available and physically able to seek and accept work as outlined under the Extended Benefits Program.

Alien Status - A claimant must be legally authorized to work by INS during the base period.


Alternate Monetary - A non-standard base period established by state law which allows claimants to qualify monetarily for a claim under certain conditions.



AT Approved Training - Training approved by the Administrator (See Benefits Terms Defined).
AV Available - Available to seek and accept work the major portion of the week claiming for unemployment benefits.
BA Benefit Accuracy Measurement.
BP Back Pay - Nevada Revised Statues requires that an individual who has been awarded back pay is liable for the amount of benefits paid during the period for which the back pay was awarded.
BT Between Academic School Terms - A school employee between school terms will be denied benefits based on the wages earned from an educational institution.
CHARGE Employer Charge Ruling.
CR Criminal Activity - A claimant determined to have been discharged for proven crimes in connection with employment is not entitled to use wages earned from the discharging employer to establish a claim.
DD Double Dip - In order for benefits to be paid on a subsequent claim, a claimant must have worked since last filing and earned three times his weekly benefit amount of the first benefit year.
DISCHARGE A separation from employment where the employer has terminated a person from work for misconduct in connection with work.
ER Eligibility Requirements - Actions required of a claimant to be eligible to be paid unemployment benefits such as: filing timely weekly continued claims, providing correct claim information and contacting the Agency as directed.
EU EUC Eligibility.
EXT BEN Extended Benefits.

Failure to Apply/Refusal (Extended Benefits claims only) - Failure to apply for employment or refusing a referral to apply for employment as instructed by the Agency.

FI Former Inmate - An individual who performs services in the employ of a private employer while incarcerated in a custodial or penal institution and is separated from the employer because of a transfer or release from the institution.
FRAUD False statement or failure to disclose a material fact in order to obtain or increase benefits.
LD Labor Dispute - A labor dispute (trade dispute) is a controversy concerning the terms and conditions of employment which causes the claimant to become unemployed, but does not sever the employer-employee relationship.
LP Limitation Payment (Extended Benefits claims only).
MR Misrepresentation - Knowingly providing false information to obtain unemployment benefits.
OD Other Determination.
OP Overpayment - An unemployment insurance benefit payment made to a claimant which he was not entitled.
PN Pension - Deductible pension or retirement income received by a claimant under a plan maintained by a Base Period employer, which the base period employer contributed the entire amount to the pension or retirement plan.
PV Paid Vacation - An individual on a paid vacation from his employer.
RB Receipt of Benefits - Unemployment benefits paid on an unemployment claim that has been withdrawn.
REFUSAL WK Refusal of Suitable Work - The refusal of suitable work defined as employment which the claimant has the customary skills and abilities to perform and pays an amount that is normal for that occupation within the labor market.
RR Reporting Requirements - The claimant is requested to report in person to an Agency Office to provide information or to participate in employment services program.
SA Sport/Athletic Wages - A professional sports/athletic employee between the customary season will be denied benefits based on the wages earned from the professional sport/athletic team.
SP Severance Pay - Payment made to an employee in conjunction with separation from employment in recognition of past years of service.
TD Total Temporary Disability - Disability payments to an individual unable to work due to an on the job injury.
TT Temporary Stop.
UN Unemployed - In order for an individual to be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits, the claimant must be "unemployed".
VOL QUIT Voluntary Quit - An individual who voluntarily leaves his employment or who is determined to be the moving party in the separation.
VP Vacation Pay - Accrued vacation/annual time paid to an individual following termination of employment.
VR Vacation Recess - A school employee on vacation recess will be denied benefits based on the wages earned from an educational institution.
VW Quit to Seek/Quit to Accept Other Work - Voluntarily leaving employment to seek or accept other employment with another employer.
WE Weekly Earnings.
WL Wages in Lieu of Notice - Payments made to an employee when the employee is to be laid off, but the employer cannot or will not give the customary notice period.

Worker Profiling - Under the Worker Profiling system, claimants must be held ineligible for any week in which there is a failure to participate in reemployment services which they are required to attend.